SWORD BROS. e-commerce platform suitable for Gigacommerce

Fast and smooth  e-commerce platform for all to build and scale your business.

Gigacommerce suitable… Render items in 20 ms

A fast website is one of the keys to success. You may sell 1.000 products with most of the platforms today but can you sell more? Scale and grow securely with us.

Create Multi Vendors and Multi Warehouses

Do you plan to sell other supplier products in their warehouses? We can help you to manage the processes smoothly. Separate your warehouses and stay in control of your inventory.

Convert your web store into a Marketplace

Be able to sell from multiple vendors in your web store. Manage vendors in your dashboard. We create a one-stop solution for your buyers to get different purchase options from multiple vendors so as to increase your conversions on your website.

Sell anything you want in your Web Shop

Ability to sell all product types such as bundles, vouchers, virtual, custom and event products.

Integrate 100+ payment gateways

SWORD BROS. E-commerce platform offers you to capture payments using the major payment service providers. Sell your products worldwide.

SEO optimized products.

Enrich your products with meta descriptions, title, and keywords. Make sure that your products are on top of the research directly to your audience in the search engines.



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For Not to Walk Alone In Your Business.

Contact with our 10+ year experienced E-commerce specialists.

Can you analyze E-commerce metrics and create strategies for better campaigns?

We act as your company’s department of Marketing to drive awareness and create action plans that sell your products.

Customer Insight

We first segment your customers related to your business and create customer personas to understand them better.

Analytics and Data Collection

We implement our system in your website to understand your users behaviours and collect e-commerce data for creating targeted campaigns for your customers.

Marketing Performance

It is all about where you must spend your marketing budget. To give the right choice and not to lose time and money, we will collect and analyze the top e-commerce metrics every month.

Product Analytics 

Why are some of the products sales skyrocketing and others are dropping? Is it because of the campaigns or are there other reasons? We will conduct a deep analysis on your product sales.

Conversion Optimisation

Where is your web store leaking money? We will follow conversion rates, bounce rates, cart abandonment rate, product page conversion rate, page load time and many more every month and analyze them for your business.

Customer Journey

For Not to Walk Alone In Your Business.

Contact with our 10+ year experienced E-commerce specialists.



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